Hey everyone, James here,

Thanks for stopping by my new site dedicated to everything and anything to do with Mage Pvp.  I know you are probably wondering who I am and why I created this site so allow me to explain.  I have been playing Wow since the early days.  I mean way back before Burning Crusade.  I started as a paladin at first but have since played just about all the classes.  I say just about because my warrior never made it past 40 lol.  My mage was my 2nd 80 before my lock and even though I don’t play my mage much any more (moved on to a druid) I still pull him out occasionally when a friend needs a hand with arena points for the week.

The one thing that I noticed though when I go looking for info on anything with Wow its like you have to go to WowWiki and no offense but their pvp sections are seriously lame.  I love WowWiki for most stuff but writing one paragraph about mage pvp doesn’t really cut it if you know what I mean.  So anyway, I wanted to build a site for mage pvp and give you all the knowledge in my head.  I hope it helps you kick some a$$!
That’s all about me, now go check out the rest of Mage Pvp.

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