Alliance Mage Choices

Welcome back to my site on Mage Pvp. The first thing that you are going to have to decide on as a mage is what class you want to play. Now, obviously many people pay little attention to what race they choose but this is a big mistake. If you have any intentions at all of becoming a power player in Mage Pvp then you need to have every edge possible. Rather than choosing your race on looks alone why not choose the one that best fits a mage? So, with that being said, today I am going to cover the key choices for Alliance players who want to dominate Mage Pvp.

Which Race is Best for Mage Pvp?


  • Perception:  Passive trait increases stealth detection.
  • The Human Spirit:  Passive trait increases spirit by 3%.
  • Diplomacy:  Passive trait increases all reputation gains by 10%.  This is useful when grinding rep for certain pvp titles such as Justicar.
  • Every Man for Himself:  The single most powerful pvp racial in Wow.  This activated ability removes all movement impairing effects as well as effects which cause loss of control of your character such as stuns.  This ability shares a 2 minute cooldown with Medallion of the Alliance.


  • Escape Artist – Activated ability removes all movement impairing effects.  Escape Artist has a 1.75 minute cooldown but does not share that cooldown with your medallion of the alliance.
  • Expansive Mind – Passive trait increases intellect by 5%.
  • Arcane Resistance – Passive trait reduces chance to be hit by arcane spells by 2%.
  • Engineering Specialization – Passive trait increases engineering by 15.  (Engineering is a premium pvp profession)


  • Gift of the Naaru – Instant cast hot which can be placed on the character or a party member.  The spell uses no mana, has a 3 minute cooldown, and its healing scales with spell power.
  • Heroic Presence – Passive trait increases chance to hit by 1%.
  • Shadow Resistance – Passive trait decreases chance you’ll be hit by shadow spells by 2%.
  • Gemcutting – Passive trait increases Jewelcrafting skill by 5.  (Jewelcrafting is my TOP pick for caster pvp)

After reading through this list I’m sure you will agree that each of these classes has advantages for Mage Pvp but there is one obvious choice if you are going to be a true master of the Arena and that is the Human race.  If Humans had no other racial other than Every Man for Himself they would still be a solid choice but the fact that you also get Perception meaning you have a better chance of popping rogues and druids out of their stealth.  That is going to be key between winning and losing your arena matches.  Now, not to worry if you already play a horde toon and want to stay a Hordie.  I am going to be doing an update on Mage Pvp race choices next week focused entirely on Horde race choices.

Remember, this is only a basic Mage Pvp guide.  If you would like to learn more about Mage Pvp click here.

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