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Alliance Mage Choices

Welcome back to my site on Mage Pvp. The first thing that you are going to have to decide on as a mage is what class you want to play. Now, obviously many people pay little attention to what race they choose but this is a big mistake. If you have any intentions at all of becoming a power player in Mage Pvp then you need to have every edge possible. Rather than choosing your race on looks alone why not choose the one that best fits a mage? So, with that being said, today I am going to cover the key choices for Alliance players who want to dominate Mage Pvp.

Which Race is Best for Mage Pvp?


  • Perception:  Passive trait increases stealth detection.
  • The Human Spirit:  Passive trait increases spirit by 3%.
  • Diplomacy:  Passive trait increases all reputation gains by 10%.  This is useful when grinding rep for certain pvp titles such as Justicar.
  • Every Man for Himself:  The single most powerful pvp racial in Wow.  This activated ability removes all movement impairing effects as well as effects which cause loss of control of your character such as stuns.  This ability shares a 2 minute cooldown with Medallion of the Alliance.


  • Escape Artist – Activated ability removes all movement impairing effects.  Escape Artist has a 1.75 minute cooldown but does not share that cooldown with your medallion of the alliance.
  • Expansive Mind – Passive trait increases intellect by 5%.
  • Arcane Resistance – Passive trait reduces chance to be hit by arcane spells by 2%.
  • Engineering Specialization – Passive trait increases engineering by 15.  (Engineering is a premium pvp profession)


  • Gift of the Naaru – Instant cast hot which can be placed on the character or a party member.  The spell uses no mana, has a 3 minute cooldown, and its healing scales with spell power.
  • Heroic Presence – Passive trait increases chance to hit by 1%.
  • Shadow Resistance – Passive trait decreases chance you’ll be hit by shadow spells by 2%.
  • Gemcutting – Passive trait increases Jewelcrafting skill by 5.  (Jewelcrafting is my TOP pick for caster pvp)

After reading through this list I’m sure you will agree that each of these classes has advantages for Mage Pvp but there is one obvious choice if you are going to be a true master of the Arena and that is the Human race.  If Humans had no other racial other than Every Man for Himself they would still be a solid choice but the fact that you also get Perception meaning you have a better chance of popping rogues and druids out of their stealth.  That is going to be key between winning and losing your arena matches.  Now, not to worry if you already play a horde toon and want to stay a Hordie.  I am going to be doing an update on Mage Pvp race choices next week focused entirely on Horde race choices.

Remember, this is only a basic Mage Pvp guide.  If you would like to learn more about Mage Pvp click here.

Why do I Love Mage Pvp so Much?

There is a really good reason I love Mage Pvp so much more than other classes.  It all started for me when my first character in World of Warcraft was a human Paladin.  I loved my pally, don’t get me wrong but I struggled to say the least at pvp.  If i specced holy I did great but there is only so much healing one person can do before it really gets boring.  And seriously back in the day even asking to play as a Ret Paladin was like a mortal sin.

So, I rolled a mage with the sole intent of dominating battlegrounds and arena.  It only took me 6 days to get from level 1 – 70 using Zygor’s Leveling Guide.  (Wrath wasn’t out yet)  My first team setup was back in Season 2 and it was Priest, Rogue, Mage.  My priest was actually the alt of my Paladin’s 2v2 Warlock partner.  I mention this because I was playing my alt AND he was playing his.  Our Rogue however was a Grand Marshall and one of the sickest Rogue’s I’ve ever seen.  Anyway, during our very first season we had  a hell of a lot of fun beating up on teams that vastly out-geared us.  It was especially fun to whoop up on our guildies who were playing on their mains lol.

I mean, mages have so many tricks that make them useful in pvp.  Mage Pvp is almost a no brainer (almost).  If you can get the art of kiting down then you can pretty much destroy any melee class and if you can get the LoS tricks down then no other cast will stand a chance against you.  Couple that with some well times polymorphs and counter-spells and its Good Game!  Now, I don’t want to be a jerk but if you can’t break AT LEAST a 2k Arena rating with a mage then perhaps you need to give it up.  Ok, well maybe that’s a bit harsh but seriously if you are struggling and want to take your game to the next level I recommend checking out Pvp Bible.  I’ve been using it for quite a while and although it alone won’t make you a pvp god it certainly will put you on the right track.  I want to say that I shot up like 200 Arena points after reading the thing through.

Best Mage Pvp Guide

So there has been a lot of hip ha about which Mage pvp guide is actually the best one but I really must say I don’t think there is a lot of competition out there.  There are only three guides on the market that even deserve a mention and of those three I haven’t seen anything that makes me feel any different than I did early last year when I bought a Mage pvp guide.

At the time I had been playing a Mage in Pve for quite a while but was just getting into the whole Mage pvp thing.  I was playing mostly 2′s and some 3′s with a priest healer and rogue partner for 3′s.  Sorry, PMR (priest mage rogue) has always been an OP combo and I couldn’t resist.  Anyway, back to the point.  I needed something that would boost me from a 18-1900′s arena rating up to 2k or higher.  There was always something about being at 2k that really meant a lot to me.

The two guides that I heavily considered was Dugi’s Pvp Guide and also Pvp Bible by Tony Sanders.  I really liked Dugi’s leveling guide and so I really thought he would be the way to go but then Tony Sander’s was a Pvp master so I wasn’t sure.  In the end I wound up buying both of them just to be safe lol.

When I compared the two side by side though the clear winner was Pvp Bible.  The thing that makes it so nice is its not just a Mage pvp guide.  It covers all of the classes so you can reverse engineer your strategy.  Let me explain a bit further.

Tony breaks down every class and gives unique strategies for every opponent…i.e he gives you a strategy for Mage vs Rogue, Mage vs Hunter, Mage vs Warlock, etc but then he also gives those classes a strategy against you.  Now, at first you wouldn’t put much value in the fact that it goes over how a hunter should play you but if you stop and think about it…you have a chance to basically find out what 90% of top Hunter’s are going to do against you.  If you know what YOU need to do against them and you know basically what THEY are going to do against you..then you are GOLDEN my friend.  You now have an exact map to avoid their most dangerous attacks and strategies all while implementing your own.

I am a really big MMA fan and as Joe Rogan would put it, “You can impose your will” on the other player.  After all, MMA and arena in Wow aren’t all that different.  It is all about getting your opponent to do what you want them to do so that you can inflict the most damage possible.

So, if you want to drop a few bucks on a Mage pvp guide I would go with Pvp Bible.  It comes with free lifetime updates and all that good stuff so you don’t have to worry about buying another one later when new expansions or patches hit.  Last I checked it was only like 27 bucks and came with 100% money back guarantee.  Your call though, if you’d rather struggle trying to figure it out on your own that’s cool too.

Click Here to Visit the Official Pvp Bible Website

Welcome to Mage

Hey there, James here,

Thanks for taking the time to stop by my Mage Pvp site.  I wanted to build a site strictly for mages and all the different pvp stuff you need to know.  I always noticed that there are a few different kinds of sites out there when you are looking for something to do with mage pvp.

You have the HUGE sites like WowWiki that are awesome but have very little useful pvp info and then you have the crappy one page websites some guy threw up two years ago and never touched again.  Neither are going to do you any good so this site is going to cover everything that has anything to do with mage pvp.  I mean I am going to cover mage pvp specs, gear, strategy, races, etc etc.

Trust me, you’ll love it when it’s all done so help me out and bookmark this puppy!  That’s all I have for now but make sure you check out the rest of the site on Mage Pvp.