Welcome to Mage Pvp.net

Hey there, James here,

Thanks for taking the time to stop by my Mage Pvp site.  I wanted to build a site strictly for mages and all the different pvp stuff you need to know.  I always noticed that there are a few different kinds of sites out there when you are looking for something to do with mage pvp.

You have the HUGE sites like WowWiki that are awesome but have very little useful pvp info and then you have the crappy one page websites some guy threw up two years ago and never touched again.  Neither are going to do you any good so this site is going to cover everything that has anything to do with mage pvp.  I mean I am going to cover mage pvp specs, gear, strategy, races, etc etc.

Trust me, you’ll love it when it’s all done so help me out and bookmark this puppy!  That’s all I have for now but make sure you check out the rest of the site on Mage Pvp.

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